Adults more immature than kids

Looking at my fakebook I see all these so-called “adults”. All I see are all fake and hollow holograms of human beings. All they do is spam selfies and group selfies of their fake friends. All they do is get drunk 24/7, spam shitty memes and talk about politics 24/7.

This is the life of a modern american “adult”. Workaholic working 24/7 then getting drunk at clubs every weekend to talk about stupid drivel with their friends. All they do is get laid 24/7 while high IQ autists such as me never get laid at all. Fills me with rage thinking about the hot sex they are all having 24/7 even though they are subhuman beings. This is what being an adult is about? Working and drinking 24/7.

When I was a kid it was about videogames. Beating challenges, bettering yourself, evolving and learning, training and developing. This is far more mature than adults. All adults do is work at a wageslave job and get drunk 24/7, and small-talk drivel 24/7. Kids on the other hand play videogames, talk about important things like science, art and society, etc. Adults are a mental deterioration and decline.

As a kid, videogames were wholesome intellectual entertainment. As adult, “entertainment” changes to getting drunk at clubs 24/7 and talking about drivel. And if you are incel you will only feel jealous rage. As you grow older your life progressively gets worse, you actually stop producing stem cells after age 28 or so.

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According to that only one year left then fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

You will be fine but continue to deteriorate due to no new stem cells.

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Sources? Stem cells still exist in old people I thought, but just in much smaller quantities.

Also zero alcohol and tobacco consumption throughout my whole life combined with minimal sun exposure should help.

Sources are my friend told me and I also found it online a while ago. I tried looking again and cannot find any information on it one way or the other. Old people have stem cells but I said stem cell production stops at 28. So you would have a limited supply of stem cells.

If they figure out how to fix this flaw, that means humans will live forever. If humans live forever that means retarded normies are going to live forever. Those normies should be forced into crowded cities in order to save on space.

At age 150 normie males will be forced into mandatory sterilization or deathmatch arena tournament. They will get to choose which in order to feel more freedom. 150 year old normie females cannot reproduce so there is no need to enforce that on them. 150 year old normie males will look the same as 20 year old males so it will be hard to enforce the law. If the law is not enforced, this will result in a John C. Calhoun dystopian utopia. Right now we are living in a utopian dystopia.