Rules/Additional Terms of Service:

  1. No incelphobia/homophobia/transphobia etc. If a criticism exists of incels, gays etc then it should a rational argument, and not pushing an agenda unrelated to a conversation about inceldom.
  2. Use of the words c uck, n umale, f aggot, beta etc are banned
  3. Don’t brag repetitively in a non-constructive way
  4. No posting porn or nudity, with the exception of artwork/cartoons in [SPOILER] tags
  5. No persistent ‘orbiting’. Take it to PMs if you want to further a romantic relationship
  6. Be over 18 and follow US law
  7. Dont try to incite illegal activity or joke about committing violence. For example, if you say the phrase “Go ER” you will be banned, regardless of whether or not you were joking. Do not discuss illegal activity.
  8. If you do not like something, work to change society positively and legally, do not just say “It’s Over”.
  9. No advertising incel or PUA related sites.
  10. If you use Tor or VPNs you can still post but your ability to post images or PM non-admins will be turned off forever. Our software can detect Tor and VPN usage.

Q: Can women be incels?:
A: yea

Q: What is the criteria for joining?:
A: Anyone can join regardless of gender or philosophy about dating.

Q: How do I get in contact with the admins?
A: You can email [email protected]. If that doesnt work you can join and PM. If that doesnt work you can leave a message on the incel wiki somewhere without an account.

Q: Do you unban people?
A: Nope, but there are like 30 other incel forums out there, so this is not so mean.

Q: Does this site lean feminist?
A: Currently, no.

Q: Are you black/blue/red pilled?
A: Third parties have labeled us a purplepill forum. This usually means non-ideological or anti-gender. However we do not care how we are labeled.

Q: Do you manage other sites?
A: Not any controversial ones.

Q: Do you hate women?
A: Some of us do, some of us do not.

Q: Why cant I post images or see the live chat yet?
A: Because you are new, just wait.

Q: Do you condone rape/violence/cp/pedophilia etc?:
A: nope

Q: I got banned by the forum owners on some other website, am I still welcome?:
A: If you follow the rules.

For more FAQ:

To Contact us, email [email protected]