Adding three new fields to registration

Do you trust the adminship here
yes no

Do you think dating is stacked against men
yes no

Do you believe in traditional gender roles
yes no

Not sure about that last question.

I think we should allow people who believe in enforcing traditional gender roles for both genders, or people who don’t believe in enforcing them in either.

The biggest enemy are those who want to enforce it for males but not for females.


Trad gender roles depends on the person.

For instance someone with excellent male genes has an option to have gender pride. For such persons it is recommended they either makeupmax/80s max or stay cis, instead of female hormones.

Truecels or averagecels on the other hand ought to become full feminized lesbos.

Then there is the paradox of the cute femmales (fem-males.) You want femmales to continue their genes in the gene pool, but at the same time know they would be cute as full gurls. So it is up to them I guess if they want to go the path of hedonism and take the hormones early, personally I’d recommend getting women pregnant before taking hormones, but then there is the 2ndary issue of bad economics and being trapped at mcdonalds trying to raise your kids.

Well assuming society changed that drastically, I assume the education system would be reformed to be more efficient for the money spent, able to get people employable in less time. They waste a lot of time teaching you useless shit just for cash grab. That’s a problem in itself that needs to be addressed.

They even admit education isn’t even about becoming more employable anymore, or even necessarily about developing tangible skills that will be useful to you. It’s now more about becoming a “good global citizen.” In other words, wasting your time for indoctrination. This shit needs to be thrown out.

not gonna reject people based on the last one off the bat

the school system is a giant conspiracy to make all humans slaves. the conspiracy began before george bush, but george bush is known for making the school system even worse.

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Yes, yes, no.

But that last answer is like a soft no. I believe men and women are different, but I also believe people should do whatever they want and live however they want. If people want to be traditionally masculine or feminine, that’s cool. I also think it’s fine if people don’t want to do that.

Is this gonna restrict new registrations? or is just to get aquainted with users?

It’s just to get aquainted…mostly

other forums have a longer application form so it’s not too mean