Academic study on those who haven't had sex in the last six months, involuntarily

If you haven’t had sex in the last 6 months involuntarily, please feel free to participate in a new academic study on incels and non-self-identified incels. It is called Stereotypes about Male Sexuality, and wants to look deeper into what outcomes love-shyness and inceldom has on men’s sexual identities. You can take the study here


I wish they shared the results. I’d like to see them.

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I made the study, I wonder what the results will be.


Can’t take it, seems closed.

Yea, looks like it’s closed now. I’ll unpin it and share results when they come in.

says not active : (

see previous message


Any updates?

Wait, you made the study, or you just took it?

Person who made it was a woman afaik

talked to the study author,

results are in two days

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in theory