Academic study on incels (legit one)

–News: 06/30/21– An MSc of psychology at University of Brunel (London) invites you to take a survey
about inceldom. They are studying social attitudes incels have and the attitudes noncels
have about incels. You can take the study by clicking here. Responses are anonymous and the survey is
on a third party platform (Qualtrics).

If you take it, when answering the ‘partner count’ question, please don’t include hookers, for the purposes of the study. Thanks :slight_smile:

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me vs women

Hey these look like some quality questions. I’ll do this survey after I wake up sometime.

Well according to Love’s logic, if you write anything higher than a positively atrocious-looking 1, you aren’t really incel and “have options.” You know, JUST like how females have options. Yes, totally the same and equal. That’s why there is a study like this on incels asking these types of questions (sarcasm).


Me vs Females (and I tried to take into account the minimum… which in practice would mean scoring under any of these is a disqualifier):

It is worth noting that I don’t believe females give much of a shit about intelligence or similar interests on their own merit. These things bare almost no value to females, so long as they have a male with good looks, wealth, and social skills/social status.

Today those two things are probably the only areas that the average male values more than the average female on a consistent basis.

No intelligence is important.

No it isn’t. Intelligence is only valued when it is connected to a high-paying job. Intelligence on its own actually turns most females off, at least the modern ones. If a female reads an intellectual response on a dating app, the first thing that happens is her pussy dries up and then she proceeds to unmatch the guy. You said it yourself that females hate formal, intellectual communication. Because it’s all about “feelings”, from the first second.

Intelligence doesn’t make pussy dry up

Uh I don’t cut it.

Wow 96.

And what was the total I came up with for average female’s expectations? 101

Your standards are much higher than anybody else’s here, and almost as high as the typical female.

I’ll play along.


Yes actually you do make it. You do have a good career and good future prospective that for sure you make. I think you are more social than you think. I think you can be a 6, it’s also something you can learn. You can hold an interesting conversation so far you count. You have an exciting personality and you are funny. We actually have many similar political beliefs, it’s not exact but there are things in common that would make it a 6. I don’t know if I actually asked you what your hobbies are. But I’m sure we could find things in common too. We are both animal lovers and you have a cat so you get points there because I’m a cat lady. Lol you don’t think your a 6 for sexually skill-full? I don’t actually know the answer to this because uhhh we haven’t done anything. I think your being a harsh critic. And cook and home maker…can you clean up after yourself? Can you put your things away In an organised way? Can you make a simple meal? Can you look after yourself?

Most of this is you don’t want to be these things. You do have a good career and prospects. Being kind and understanding is all you, that’s something you can change. You can learn how to be social. You can learn how to be sexually skill full. Same as above with cooking and homemaker. Can you take care of yourself? Can you pick up and clean up after yourself?

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