A forum for shy or romantically unsuccessful people

You’re not Alone is a non-violent, anti-misandrist, progressive, gender inclusive support group for romantically unsuccessful men and women who want help each other or joke on the path of finding a compatible adult partner. The forum has existed in various forms since 2017. This specific website broke completely off from predecessor communities and was created on January 3rd, 2019. Anyone is allowed to join this forum however, as long as you are 18+, by clicking sign up on the top-right-hand corner. This is not a fatalist forum. The forum instead encourages community based problem solving, statusmaxxing, looksmaxxing, etc…

We are inclusive of viewpoints and lean neither masculinist nor gynocentric. We see problems and strengths with both the manosphere and feminism. Many of us have a problem with orienting the world around personality traits that arise as a result of possessing testes or ovaries.


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