2020 has been a magnificent year

Think that 2019 was the absolute height of shittiness
2018-2019 was just a nightmare


Sometimes wagies wage too much and start treating other people like shit. And so something forces them to wage less and they get nicer.

A boomer flu! of all things happened. Obviously I don’t want boomers to get sick as I love my parents but this had positive effects on the economy.

This forced Republicans to deficit spend properly for about 6 months for the first time ever. And they didn’t really even want to. They were more than willing to send the economy into a deep depression if it wasn’t for Mnuchin. This meant that almost everyone saw a boon in their financial lives.

incel wiki

This is sort of irrelevant to most people here, but I finally got full control of my wiki, which was nice

incelistan to yourenotalone

Changing the URL was a great idea as I no longer have to deal with blackpillers

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Well, 2020 is the year that I finally broke free from the life of a full-time student. The first time in my life I have some realistic chance of getting decent money. And then received $5000 for free due to COVID.

These days suck in general, but I guess 2020 has been better than pretty much the entirety of the 2010s.

All that’s missing is, well, more money… to renovate that garage and get out of this fucking basement.

personally if i was you i’d buy a hooker. Friend of mine told me one of their friends had sex with a hooker, fell in love and got married. Even if that doesn’t happen at least it will boost your smv exp and gain you a 100 xp boost, eventually becoming a lvl99 mage with increased redpill stats possibly increasing odds of ascension.

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Not quite yet.

Magnificent… yes indeed, magnificent… Look how magnificent I am