$1000 a month seems a bit much for the poor

from the policy page…

Would that not just make people not want to work?

it would, yeah.

I dont see any other way to save people from mass poverty and famine when automation comes barreling in

“those dang robits took mah jahb”.

lol, sorry just try to add a pinch of levity.

Edit: meme for reference.


I live on almost $1000 a month (that’s welfare/student allowance in New Zealand)… been doing it for years… and no, it gets exhausting after a while. It’s jack shit.

I’ve had to supplement it with part-time work throughout the years, and sometimes go off of welfare and into full-time work (and then have a mental breakdown and quit after 6 months… go back on disability.)

Some geniuses seem to think that all it takes to live a decent life as a human being is to be able to eat, sleep, and shit.

As far as I know… most people want to travel, buy nice cars, buy themselves a home, get plastic surgery (me basically)… buy good weed… start businesses… etc.

If anything a basic income would make people less likely to choose full-time work, and instead simply work part-time only, as I have.

That said UBI would also function as a minimum wage raise so full-time workers would still earn the most, compared to part-time workers or people who don’t work at all. So I’d probably work full-time for a while if we had a UBI, but I see no reason to do so right now because it’s not that much more than welfare/student allowance, anyway.

Don’t people work more full-time in decent jobs for the mental stimulation and monetary Pat on the backs like raises and stuff?

They could pay me shit but I’m a needy bitch and those sweet words good job make it semi worth it for some people

Grow your own weed

I’ve saved a lot of money ever since I started it.